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It Seemed a Good Idea at the Time….

After 4.0.3a I went ahead and made a Night Elf Mage to explore the new content, and I had noticed that when I got off the boat in SW Harbor the Sentinels there are still labelled as ‘Auberdine Sentinels’, despite The Shattering destroying the place. So yesterday, I opened a ticket…


GM Ticket

Those poor, poor women!

I logged on today to find my ticket has been escalated.  I’m kinda hoping this doesn’t mean anything bad!


The second post of nostalgic screenies!

Booty Bay

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I’m doing this in stages so I don’t spam my page with OVER 9000 pics all at once.  So here is the next lot of screenies I took, starring my Death Knight, Moraith and my Shaman, Petaline.


Farewell Zul Gurub

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