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Maybe I am the odd one out in this game, but I am not an achievement fan. Sure, it’s nice when I get them, and ok, I will admit I DO like getting the ones that give stuff (I love my Perky Pug!), but other than that? Nah, I couldn’t really care less. Brewfest started today, something I have been through many times now, and apart from doing the daily dungeon to try for one of the mounts, I have stuck to just levelling my alts. I am more interested in being ready for Cataclysm tbh.

Maybe if there was something you could SPEND your achievement points on I’d be more interested, but so far it seem the only thing they are good for (Other than the titles, pets, mounts etc) are epeen swinging, and there is enough of THAT in-game already. And lets face it, people seem to be putting so much on players must must MUST having such and such achievements to do even the most basic things it’s kind of ruined the fun, and lead to people actually faking the damn things.

So yeah, achievements. /careface


Read this, and I challenge you not to tear up, even a little bit.


People think of us gamers as geeks, anti social losers who can’t (or won’t) interact with the outside world.  But reading this makes me realise that people have the wrong idea about us.   I have many good friends through my time playing Warcraft, some I even plan to invite to my wedding when I have a date.

R.I.P Brian, your actions have made you a legend.

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