My beloved guild, Enthusiasm, has been working on getting the Lich King down in ICC10 for a while now.  On tuesday we 9 manned Sindragosa, so the guild was hopeful about getting the LK down if we extended the raid lock.

So armed with flasks, fish and a whole shed load of optimism, 10 of us, including my happy little frost Death Knight went up to the top of the citadel with the aim of kicking his frosty old arse.  Sadly, when I had to log off at 11.30pm (server time) due to work in the morning, we had had some really great tries, but he had stubbornly stayed alive.  So I left the raid, and someone replaced me.

And they did it!  Enthusiasm took down the LK.  Great!!  I wasn’t there!!  *CRIES*  Oh the conflicting emotions….

But here is the screenie of the victorious bunch here:

I am hoping I’ll get the chance to get him down with them soon, but with the impending class changes to get ready for Cata may mess that up.  So fingers crossed guys, I really want to get that sucker down!