So, who am I?

In real life I am female, 30, and from North Yorkshire, England. I live with my technophobic, antique and militaria loving fiance, who doesn’t know the first thing about Warcraft. Except about the stuff I ramble on about when tipsy. Despite our differences, we love each other very much, and are busy arranging our wedding.

In game, I play on the EU server Darkmoon Faire. I’ve played WoW for 5 years now, starting off on EU Shadowsong, then EU Kul Tiras, and now on DmF. I am a casual Role Player, though finding RP on my server isn’t always easy. My main is Moraith, a Nelf Death Knight. As well as her, I have two other 80’s: Aphasia, a Draenei Paladin, and Morrigu, a Nelf Priest. Then there are various alts on their way up in preparation for Cataclysm.