For some insane reason I decided to dual spec my baby shammy elemental/healing yesterday.  I had been having fun as an Elly shaman in Lich King dungeons, but decided it might be quicker to level her up if I had a healing spec and did some dungeon running.  So I specced her, glyphed her, read up on healing as a shammy and off I went.

First group didn’t count.  It was Old Kingdom, already in progress.  Lvl 80 Paladin tank.  “Hey, I thought, this should ease me in”.  I was wrong.  See a lovely little rogue called Jogetarogue from Darkspear (EU) decided that they couldn’t be bothered doing any DPS, they were just there to leech XP.  When we wiped on Elder Nadox due to no one bothering to kill the Guardian, he then proceeded to call the other DPS noobs, and gloated how he died, and how he had no intention of doing any dps to help out.  We couldn’t kick him, so needless to say the group broke up.

The omens weren’t good.

But then I did a few dungeons where I did actually heal, and heal well.  Well, no one died anyway.  I’m still getting the hang of shammy healing, but compared to when I tried Paladin healing *shudder* I am doing great!   Just wondering though, so Shammys not get an aggro dump ability?  Sure would be useful.  Especially in the dungeon I am about to tell you about.

So today, I log on and think “Hey, let’s do a random”.  Cue up, and bam, in a few mins I was in AN healing.  The first warning I should have had was the lvl 80 Hunter wouldn’t turn off Aspect of the Pack.  *facepalm*  Then I got webbed.  And no one bothered to free me, resulting in the tank nearly dying.  Nearly, luckily I pulled him back from the edge in time.  The first two bosses go fine after that, then we get to good old Anub’arak.  No one gets caught by pound which is good, but then after he disappears and all the adds turn up, no one bothered to keep them off me.  Healing whilst getting hit isn’t easy, so I ask for help.  Tank says I should DPS them myself.  Never mind about mana eh?  So I do, then when I am getting low on mana, the tank complains I’m not going to be able to heal.  WTF man, make up your goddamn MIND!!!  Anyway, somehow we make it, and I am shocked to see it was only the level 72 mage who had never been there before.  The others all had, so why didn’t they know what the hell to do… Gah.

I now remember why I hated healing levelling dungeons.

Of course annoying nubish-ness isn’t restricted to normal dungeons though.  Oh no.  Last week I decided to heal a bit with my Lvl 80 Holy Priest, and got into heroic Drak’tharon Keep.  Two of the group said straight off the bat they had only just dinged.  Not that that bothered me, we all start somewhere.  But then the ICC geared tank decided to skip King Dred, as he ‘didn’t need the triumps’.  A sucky attitude to be sure, but then the two freshly dinged lost any sympathy I had for them.  The pulled King Dred anyway, up to the walkway where we were fighting already,  We wiped.  We run back, asking them not to do it again.  Which they promptly did.  And we wiped.  Again.  Now the tank was an ass for refusing to do the boss despite the fresh pally needing a sword that Dred drops, but to do that?  nah, not having that, so I dropped group.  And ignored the freshly dinged idiots.  I only just realised you can do that btw, so I am a bit nooby myself at times.


P.S.  As a warning, when I typed Kind Dred into Google to do an image search it not only found me the big dino, it found me pics of a well endowed gentleman also know as King Dred.  You have been warned.