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And the good news is…

I have three Lvl 80’s I have taken to kick Coren Direbrew’s ass every day since Brewfest began, as I do like to get special mounts.  And today, finally, I got one!  *happy hamster dance*  My holy priest, Morrigu, is now the proud owner of [Swift Brewfest Ram] . And that’s great, it really is. Except… She already has [Stormpike Battle Charger] . This girl is collecting goats it seems.


I should know better, but last night when I was playing WoW I stared into the abyss…. Or as it is otherwise known, Trade chat.  I normally have it hidden unless I am looking for someone to cut me some gems, do an enchant and the like.

Anyway, onto the story.  Darkmoon Faire IS an RP realm, but I have only seen anyone RP’ing once in Blades Edge Mountains.  Which is a shame, as I do rather enjoy RP.  So it was kind of nice to see a couple of RP guild advertising in Trade.  But of course, the troll element, which sadly seems alive and well on DmF reared its ugly head.  As usual, it was a certain Paladin (who shall remain nameless) who started it, but as soon as (s)he did, others started.  And then people actually started ripping into the RP guilds, actually saying that as there is such a little RP scene on DmF now that it shouldn’t be done anymore.  Well hell, if that’s the attitude of some people then it’s no wonder RP is pretty much dead on the server, if anyone tries they get that kind of crap.  Now I am not one of those that thinks only RP’ers are allowed on an RP realm as long as non RP’ers respect those who do RP, but why do people insist on roll on an RP realm and then do their level best to squelch any and all RP.  Hell, I don’t like PvP but I don’t go rant at those who like it. Well, I for one will RP with anyone that asks on DmF. *

Good look to those guilds, I hope they don’t need too much of it.

*I do NOT ERP or cyber!  Not that kind of RP!!

Maybe I am the odd one out in this game, but I am not an achievement fan. Sure, it’s nice when I get them, and ok, I will admit I DO like getting the ones that give stuff (I love my Perky Pug!), but other than that? Nah, I couldn’t really care less. Brewfest started today, something I have been through many times now, and apart from doing the daily dungeon to try for one of the mounts, I have stuck to just levelling my alts. I am more interested in being ready for Cataclysm tbh.

Maybe if there was something you could SPEND your achievement points on I’d be more interested, but so far it seem the only thing they are good for (Other than the titles, pets, mounts etc) are epeen swinging, and there is enough of THAT in-game already. And lets face it, people seem to be putting so much on players must must MUST having such and such achievements to do even the most basic things it’s kind of ruined the fun, and lead to people actually faking the damn things.

So yeah, achievements. /careface